Richard LeGrand, 1882-1963

The character of Mr. Peavey was created by writers John Whedon and Sam Moore in August, 1942. Richard LeGrand was hired to play the character for a single show, but the character soon became a regular, and one of the most popular characters on the show. A magazine of the time refers to the character as “Peavey of the dry wit, gentle and wise, whose tag line, ‘Well,now, I wouldn’t say that,’ has become a national laughline.”

Mr. Peavey’s mild manner and fussy conservatism made him an excellent contrast to the the bombastic and vain Gildersleeve, and his frequent, loving references to the never seen Mrs. Peavey balanced Gildersleeve’s bachelor ways. The drugstore is a central meeting point in Summerfield– a place for Gildersleeve to buy cigars and sometimes Christmas presents, and for Leroy to indulge in sodas.

Richard LeGrand was a veteran character actor who had been in show business since 1901 and radio since 1928.



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