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Glimpses of Glasgow

I’m going to the UK on Friday, mostly to Belfast, but I’ll be spending a little time in Glasgow and flying home from there. I’ve never been to Glasgow but it’s an important place in my family history. The Ross … Continue reading

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Acquaviva delle Fonti

Last week I celebrated my birthday in Italy with my daughters. We spent a few days in the Puglia region, where both of my father’s parents came from, and on Tuesday we took the train from Bari and spent an … Continue reading

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Chatham County Courthouse: Pittsboro, North Carolina

Tonight a Flickr member posted this comment on my photo of the Chatham County Courthouse: “I will miss this building terribly.” Miss it? Was he moving away, perhaps? Surely they weren’t planning to demolish it? I looked at my statistics … Continue reading

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The Sun is Setting

The Sun Never Sets: Travels to the Remaining Outposts of the British Empire By Simon Winchester In the early 1980s, journalist Winchester decided to visit what was left of the British Empire. It was an odd assortment of places including … Continue reading

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