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A Question of Language

My mother once told me that when she was a young child, she lived in a neighborhood where all the other families were Polish, and the kids used to speak to each other in Polish just to tease her and … Continue reading

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Glimpses of Glasgow

I’m going to the UK on Friday, mostly to Belfast, but I’ll be spending a little time in Glasgow and flying home from there. I’ve never been to Glasgow but it’s an important place in my family history. The Ross … Continue reading

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On Sending Christmas Cards

I have great memories of looking through my mother’s Christmas card list. Looking through those names and addresses was part of the Christmas ritual. We had old family friends named Helen and Henry who lived in the town with the … Continue reading

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Miss C.’s Poetry Voice

A few days ago, I posted my memories of my elementary school teacher, Miss C., who I had for the third and fifth grades. I forgot to mention how much she liked poetry and recitations. She read us poems in … Continue reading

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Scan and Copy Those Precious Pictures

I’m going through a box of old Polaroid pictures taken by my uncle Steve Brown, and came across these three. Wonderful photographs taken over fifty years ago of my father, my aunt, my grandmother and my cousins, pictures I had … Continue reading

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Family History in Postcards

If you’re working on your family history, you probably know the names of special places in your family members’ lives. Maybe your parents honeymooned at the Pancoast Hotel in Miami Beach, your grandmother graduated from Erasmus Hall High School in … Continue reading

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Acquaviva delle Fonti

Last week I celebrated my birthday in Italy with my daughters. We spent a few days in the Puglia region, where both of my father’s parents came from, and on Tuesday we took the train from Bari and spent an … Continue reading

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