Trying to Catch the Setting Sun

Day 67: March 8, 2010

I was on my way home from work yesterday when I distracted by the amazing pinkish sky to my left. Between the trees, I caught sight of the fiery ball of the setting sun low on the horizon. It looked nearby, and I felt like I could catch it. So I turned the car around, took the road to Beverly Airport, parked the car, and rushed outside where the bright ball of the sun appeared to be balancing on the horizon across the field. I quickly shot the picture above through the chainlink fence as I rushed over, hoping to shoot over or through the fence and get the picture I wanted, but the sun sank below the horizon way too fast.

This picture for me is all about the one that got away, but I’m not too unhappy about it. I chased after a beautiful sunset, and I caught it. I have the image in my mind, even though I wasn’t quite fast enough to catch it with my camera!

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